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Learn from industry experts at SIDGS and its partners.  Our Webinars are highly interactive, and aim to provide new insight with discussions on the ‘deep trends’ in Digital Transformation.

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Past Webinars

What Does a Next-Gen Unified API Experience Look Like?  testing 2 May 21, 2021 11:00 am (UTC +0)

What Does a Next-Gen Unified API Experience Look Like?  testing 1 May 21, 2021 11:00 am (UTC +0)

What Does a Next-Gen Unified API Experience Look Like?   May 28, 2021 6:30 pm (UTC +0)

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Turn An Unruly Collection of APIs Into a Smart APIMarketplace

Learn how large enterprises are presenting a disparategroup of APIs in one“Smart Marketplace” and making the developer’s lifeeasier

Acquisitions and mergers, autonomous purchasing andIT decisions, software forisolated use cases – These are just some of the reasonsthat companies end upwith a wide variety of applications and APIs. Nowcomplicate this with a multitudeof infrastructure setups including: private cloud,hybrid cloud, on-premise legacysystems and more. For CTOs, complicated environmentslike this can be daunting.While this presents a myriad of problems, one of thelesser talked about is theissue that developers and IT teams face in managingthis spider web of tools.The inability to easily access APIs, software developmentkits (SDKs),documentation, and requisite sandbox, ultimately affectsthe company’sproductivity, operating efficiencies, and abilityto serve internal and externalcustomers.

OK. Break down your silos. But how?

The answer: a unified catalog of available APIs, hidingall the complexity ‘underthe hood’. Now product owners and engineering teamscan use one repositorywhere developers can easily manage, access, test,subscribe, and develop – allwith one login.

An open-source digital experience platform can beused to create the ultimateinternal and external marketplace your team needs.The end result is a cohesive,personalized developer experience based on role andpermissions with a singlesign-on.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how other companies have provided their teamswith a smartmarketplace to drive innovation, and accelerate development and integrations.
  • Identify the pitfalls of a dissatisfying developerenvironment and thepractical ways to address what’s needed.
  • Understand what a flexible DXP can do