We help our customers achieve their API vision by providing them with full lifecycle API management capabilities. We are a preferred partner of choice in designing, building, securing and monetising API economy for your organisation, including a customised Drupal development portal to deliver self-service developer portal.

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Accelerate Your Business with Our Service

Our solutions, platforms and services empower and enable in all aspects of Digital Transformation. Be it building and managing your API, application and data platforms, extending your business using API or engaging your partners and accelerating growth and adoption of your digital solutions and services. Our Digital Transformation Solutions provide the perfect mix of capabilities and features to drive and accelerate business in Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Retail and Utilities sectors.

API Development

We have defined a range of APIs and industry standards for APIs including payments, identity and transactional services. We truly understand the importance of micro-services and how APIs can build a brand.

Legacy Modernisation

Microservices, REST, GraphQL, Containerization have become the prime solutions for modernization. With over 250 Global Digital Experts we provide comprehensive solutions for Legacy Modernization with Google Cloud Solutions (GKE, ISTIO, Google ANTHOS, Firestone, Big Query, DataFlow, PubSub etc.)

Platform Management

Our team of specialists have a deep understanding of all aspects that surround a high performing platform. Our services include edge platform and infrastructure design, multi-cloud for high availability (private or public), secure and scalable installations (OPDK, EMG, Apigee Hybrid).


API is the face of the Digital Transformation. Our DevOps solutions provide our clients with the ability to enable turn-key solutions for continuous integration, testing, delivery and governance of their APIs.

Developer Engagement

Our developer engagement and relationship management solutions bring out the perfect balance of experiences needed to engage our developers and increase its adoption.

GCP Support

Our team of engineers and specialist bring you the best-in-class support services. Our follow-the-sun model with on-shore, near-shore and global experts provide comprehensive, reliable coverage and support options and capabilities.

What our APIGEE Customers are Saying

  • It’s been a year since we’ve partnered together to deliver a world-class API platform and program to Ferguson Enterprises. When we first spoke with Google about our desire to standup this Apigee program in record time they were quick to temper our expectations. We communicated with Google that Ferguson required an integrator that was best-in-class and could facilitate such a unreasonable request.

    I greatly appreciate SID Global’s willingness to “jump into the fire” and commit to aggressive timelines and partner with us to not only deliver on time but also under budget.

    From our phased approach of: Operationalize the platform, Deliver a mission critical service, and decommission the legacy system - the SIDGS team was absolutely critical to our success.

    As we move into the next calendar year we look forward to your continued support and thought leadership as we build on such a great foundation!

    Austin Block
    Austin Block Senior IT Manager, API Platform and AppSec
  • The responsiveness, technical knowledge and approach SIDGS offered to migrate our Apigee Drupal developer portal has been excellent. We were pleasantly surprised by their ability to do this migration in a quick and cost effecient way with open and transparent communication.

    SIDGS has deep strength in integratyion architecture,design and implementation, in addition to the excellent client focus. They have a collaborative attitude that extends to all of our business dealings. They go an extra mile in delivering highly technical competent solutions and it's great to work with SIDGS team

    We engaged SID Global for Digital Transformation engagement for the Geomapping and Geotagging type of capabilities, they turned out to be a great company to work with. During the entire time that we engaged SID Global

    David Vaugn
    David Vaugn Program Manager WEX Inc.

Our APIGEE Customers

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