Ferguson powters its API Gateway with NGINX

“The growing demand for information has changed for information has changed how we think about applications. That’s why APIs are playing a critical role in our go-forward strategy for meeting and exceeding the needs of our global business”.

“APIs play a key role in our overall strategy as a company,” A Ferguson excutive says. “We’re always looking for ways to

Program Drivers

Information SecuritySecure services through digital platforms
Customer & Partner experienceOnboarding Partners through a secure, self-service platform
Business ModelDrive accelerated growth of e-business and to a higher & age of overall business


  • Legacy Systems & Technology Debt: Most systems are no longer able to scale to meet future business need
  • Current Speed & Time to market not conducive for expansion
  • Fragmented yet Strong growth markets

Heat Map of Principal Risks by Severity & Likelihood

Strategy & Approach

“Multi-Channel commerce expansion through API First strategy to accelerate Source, distribute & Sell”

Changes to achieve strategyPlatformSIDGS RoleStatus
API Services and API vased platform managementGoogleDriverLive / Ongoing
Developer Engagement and accelerated onboardingGoogleDriverLive / Ongoing
Supply Chain Modernization & ExpansionManhattanEnablerIn-Progress
Commerce Platform expansion & integrationOracleEnablerIn-Progress
Modern Workforce SolutionsWorkdayEnablerIn-Progress
Financial ERP migrationOracleEnablerIn-Progress
CIAM Transformation with customer 360 2.0TBDAdvisoryIn-Progress
Data and Stream Platform 2.0TBDAdvisoryIn-Progress

API first approach to exposing services from all (old and new) systems into a common business platform, while maintaining security and providing insights. Community Engagement solutions (Portals) to accelerate discovery and adoption


  • Stand up secure reliable and scalable platform capable of supporting Digital Goals and API first mandate
  • Engage Developers and Partners to increase adoption
  • Meet regulatory and Information Security compliance requirements

Our Solutions

  • Stood up a highly available and fault tolerant API management platform across multiple regions
  • Defined and Implemented Adoption & Operating model for federated use of API platform
  • Implemented portal for contextual & accelerated developer engagement
  • Enabled and-to-end Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) for faster time to market
  • Developed and deployed API services to extend legacy solutions


  • Enabled client to make right decision on API platform strategy
  • Extension of customer engagement channels leading to more revenue
  • Successfull rollout of digital capabilities at a faster pace with higher quality, in alignment with business vision
  • Secure Business API Platform with business insights for Enterprise
  • Accelerated Partner Onboarding and faster conversions

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